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Acts 2:1-13
Kurt Francis
As we open the Book of Acts and start to spend time in it, my hope is that we will start to see some patterns, we will start to see the shape of an authentic church…A church that was fluid because it had learned to flow with the Holy Spirit. One of the patterns we begin to see very early on is that early church began to gather together. In the context of the passage in Acts 2 this created maximum impact for the Gospel.
Acts 2v1-13
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Acts 1:1-26
Andy Hughes
Andy opens up this exciting doorway into the dawning of the life of the early church. The tension and perhaps impatience of waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit and the power to become witnesses. Asking how this applies to us here and now who seek to be obedient in the call of God upon our lives.
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15-09-19 RCF - notes from sermon on Acts 1
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Haggai 2:10-23 'Renewed Purity' and 'Renewed Promise'
Ali Roberts
Concluding the series on Haggai Ali looks at how there were two more prophecies. The first for the Priests to draw the nation back and renew their Purity and the second specifically for Zerubbabel, a renewal of a Promise made many generations earlier! Delving into Zerubbabel's family tree reveals special truths about God's 'Forever Plan'.
Haggai Pt 3
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Haggai 2 Part Two
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Haggai 2 Renewed Purity and Promise
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Haggai 2:1-9 'Renewed Perspective'
Ali Roberts
Haggai brings 4 prophecies over 3-4 months. Here Ali looks at the second prophecy addressed to Zerubbabel, Joshua and the people that calls on them to have a renewed perspective. No longer looking back to the 'good old days' but forward, because God is with them! As we apply this to our lives are we guilty of 'rear view mirror thinking'? Or do we have 'front windshield' vision?
Haggai Pt 2
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Haggai 2 Renewed Perspective
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Haggai Pt 1 (Introduction)
Pete Davies
Where in the big picture? Exodus and Exile are high and low points in the OT story of Israel. Haggai is towards the end of the OT, speaking to the post exile community at Jerusalem. This was in 520 BC. And yet there is a powerful and timely message for us today...What are we building and what are we building with?
Haggai Intro
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Dreamers 4 - Joel
Kurt Francis
Recorded at home, this message was intended for Sunday 23rd June at Ruthin Christian Fellowship. The Prophet Joel not only seeing with his eyes but also hearing the voice of God calls for a response that sees God relent and restore and bless. In this message we see the bigger picture of Gods redemptive nature and are encouraged to not only see with eyes but to listen to God's voice. We also see the faithfulness of God to His promises...Pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh...
Dreamers 4 - Joel
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Dreamers 3 - Joseph
Alan Hodgkinson
Alan recounts the narrative of one of the Bibles most famous dreamers, Joseph. We are taken on a journey with Joseph that takes him to the pit and eventually through more trials and suffering to the royal palace where eventually Joseph see's the fulfillment of his dreams.
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Joseph (Dreamers) AH
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Pentecost Sunday
Kurt Francis
On the 50th day after Christ’s crucifixion and 9 days after his Ascension the disciples who had been patiently waiting for the promised Holy Spirit as they had been told to do. Experienced what was a life changing experience that became the birth of the church and literally turned their world upside down. [NB. factual error near beginning regarding Moses being given the law, I should have said Sinai not Mt Zion.]
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Acts 2 Pentecost Sunday
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Ascension Sunday 2019
Pete Davies
”There is a man in the glory”, rejoiced the Puritans. The Last Adam has done what the First Adam did not-plus He brought about our redemption. Flesh has been lifted to the throne of God; Heb 7:26-28. “It was fitting that we should have such a High Priest, holy innocent, unstained separated from sinners, exalted above the heavens"
Ascension Sunday May 26th 2019
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Dreamers 2 - Abraham
Geraint Owens
This message begins in Genesis 15:1-6: Abraham (or Abram) has a vision. And comes to a conclusion in Genesis 15:7-21: Where we move into the second part of the chapter where God establishes His covenant with Abram – His ‘binding contract’. We are encouraged that although difficult Abraham did not waver in his faith towards the one who gave the promise.
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Abraham the dreamer-notes
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